10. ” An African guy is just a sell-off if he marries a woman that is white”

Some African guys keep down hunting for love in a race that is different scared to be mocked. African man, it really is wonderful to celebrate your origins, but incase you see love in a female from an improvement battle, love her. You will never be any less of an African, you are a guy in love. Love knows no tribe or battle

11. “An African guy must have a big penis”

It was stereotyped that most African guys have actually a large penis, placing force and disquiet in African guys with a manhood that is small. African guy, embrace the man-hood God has provided you. During sex, keep in mind pleasing your spouse is certainly not concerning the measurements of this human body or even the organs associated with the human anatomy; but about ability. Bring you “A” game on, you African master

12. “An African guy just isn’t a guy if he’s maybe perhaps not circumcised”

A guy just isn’t defined by whether he has foreskin or perhaps not. He could be defined by their character, their heart, their values, their love, their confidence while he could be. Stop arguing and insulting other African males with an opinion that is different a little the main flesh, don’t be petty

13. “An African guy should have a son”

African guy, it is perhaps maybe not a necessity that your particular very very first created be considered a son. It isn’t a must that a son is had by you. If Jesus provides you with a lady or male son or daughter, end up being the father that is best aside from sex.

14. “An African guy really really loves their daughter less”

This notion that is foolish of guys loving their child not as much as the son because she’s going to get hitched off to some other household must stop. This silly idea of looking at daughter’s as an earnings income flow to achieve dowry must end. This might be your child, let her grow never up feeling unwanted or products obtainable. Your legacy can continue in your still child, exactly like in your son. Empower your child and also you shall never be sorry

15. “An African man doesn’t cry”

If males weren’t designed to cry, they’dn’t have tears. Males can cry, they could cry because they worship their God, they could cry whenever loss of someone you care about knocks them, they could cry when they’re touched. This hardened view is why is numerous African men hurt quietly inside and then a hurt gets manifested in harmful means on others. It really is OK to be individual. Find your part, cry often. Move to your woman, breakdown in her own embrace often. It shall allow you to heal and live

16. “An African guy shows no feelings”

It really is okay to hug your kids, it really is okay to be vulnerable, its okay as a person to state if you are harmed, showing your feelings. It really is called life that is living. Don’t numb your feelings yet you just live when. Feel, African guy, feel.

17. “Parenthood is actually for the woman”

Numerous African guys are missing from their children’s life convinced that is certainly not their part, that fatherhood is simply spending college costs and supplying product requirements. No, fatherhood is approximately being contained in your children’s life. You can not contour and mould your youngster from the distance. We’ve too numerous grownups whom have cultivated up wishing their dad had been there to love and mentor them. It hurts when you yourself have a dad that is alive you are perhaps maybe not near. Exactly just How unfortunate it really is when some men that are african fast at fault their spouses whenever kids come out wrongly and fast to simply simply take credit whenever that kid they’ve been remote frfrom ends up well

18. “An African guy is rich if he could be big bodied or features a tummy that is big

A ‘kitambi’ just isn’t always an indication of wide range, but an indication of life style. For some, that big tummy is really cause to worry for their wellness. Have a look at President Paul Kagame of Rwanda; he’s one slim rich and effective African guy

19. “An African man cannot apologize”

A lot of African guys are harming their spouses, their children, individuals around them and don’t care to apologize because hey, an African guy is not incorrect. African guy, what makes destroying relationships within the true title of misplaced culture. Function as larger guy, perform some right thing; say sorry

20. “An African guy cannot follow a young child or raise another man’s youngster”


African males seldom follow a kid. Numerous African guys frown during the thought of loving just one mom I raise another man’s youngster? ” because they say “Why should. African guy, honour arises from being truly a daddy figure, not just to your biological son or daughter, but and to kiddies whom don’t share your blood but can share love to you. Love is thicker than bloodstream

21. “An African man cannot provide their woman”

Numerous African guys anticipate their females to provide them, become at their beck and call, therapeutic therapeutic therapeutic massage them, look they can’t do the same in return after them; yet. Love is demonstrated by functions of solution. On her, pampering her when she is pregnant will not feel beneath you if you love her, massaging her, checking up. You will enjoy making her laugh. Pay this misplaced culture and love your lady. She shall love you much more in return. Ladies react well to love