It is an ideal Chrome OS laptop for teens who tend to store several large files on their device.

With 12-hours of battery life, you can work all day long without missing a beat. Since it is a convertible, it has four modes:. Not to mention, you have thousands of free apps to choose from in the Chrome Web Store. And, the automatic updates keep things moving forward. Reinforced by a 180-degree hinge, rugged design, sealed keyboard and trackpad (in addition to a truly dynamic typing experience), this Chromebook is a perfectly portable device. Not only is it great for school and work, but Dell’s Chromebook 11 also has stereo speakers for listening to music or watching videos. For a child who has reached the age (normally 5 or 6 years old) where you think she or he is able to handle and use electronics, then a Chromebook will be the best choice for them to start with. In addition, a Chromebook can help your kids to solve homework or schoolwork easily. This is what this Chromebook offers. On the power side, we have a larger 64 GB SSD and a clear 13 MP camera, perfect for snapshots or video conversations with friends. Cost: Est. $230. HP Chromebook Intel Celeron N3060.

Cost: Est. $120. Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13-K01US. 2 lbs. Cost: Est. $600. In short, yes, you can absolutely do it if you prefer to work or if you have a Chromebook that turns into a tablet. All Chromebooks in this guide come with USB and Bluetooth ports, the latter allowing devices to connect wirelessly.

However, it seems like every Chromebook has a fatal flaw that paralyzes the whole experience. Either the processor is too weak, or the build is too cheap, or the screen is awful. The screen is also bright for ease of viewing. Internet and boot speeds are also fast, allowing kids to get started on their activities immediately. This is a Chromebook with a great MediaTek MT8173C core pilot quad-core processor to ensure that all of your files are adequately supported and that the laptop runs smoothly. Plus, it is cool with its multi-touch screen in the event the keyboard is not necessary.

11? BrightView LED-backlit display. 4GB RAM. Although the life of its battery and its performance is average, the HP Chromebook 14 is still a safe bet. Samsung Plus V2. Just as it is not necessary that a 2-in-1 Chromebook have this function (though it is very likely); Perhaps if the Chromebook is too thin, or the hinge is weak, you may not be able to do it. The biggest deterrent for “Tent” feature is that the display has to be capable of “flipping” as well; meaning up becomes down when it’s tented “upside down.”.

The Chromebook’s screen edges have rubber bumpers that can soak in bumps and drops from a low height. The rubber on the edges of the lower half of the device offers a firm grip of the device. With its 12.3-inch QHD touchscreen and 360-degree hinge, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is widely acclaimed for its built-in stylus (the first of its kind to feature with a Chromebook). Samsung Chromebook Pro is appreciated about power and the versatility of a tablet, the 360 ° rotating screen and the Intel Core m3 processor help you get things done. Lenovo N21 11.6? Chromebook Laptop. This is a durable Chromebook with reinforced ports and hinges. It also has a 3:2 aspect ratio that can be used as a widescreen or a tablet. This Chromebook also runs many of the same apps kids have on their smartphones.