hello everyone this is the first series in the tutorial series on how to use latex so today we’re going to see some basic commands that you can use to produce a latex document so the first thing that you need to say is document class then within the brackets you need to put any options for instance if you want to change your font to 12-point you can specify that here and then in the curly braces you put the type of the document so this in my case I’m using an article which is the basic it is included with your package there are other classes that you can use for instance if you are writing a paper for I Triple E or ACM you could put I Triplett ran so we’ll talk about those details later so let’s go to the basics today so the first thing after this document class that you have to do is a begin statement for your document and since there is a begin there will be an end document everything goes between these two begin and end document so the first thing obviously for an article is a title so I’ll create a title and I will call it sample lay tech article by 5 minutes of latex and in order to make it a title you just need to say slash make title I’ll save it in and I’ll run it and this is the output I’ll bring it in the frame here so you see nothing much so this date is from the article class so it definitely puts a date you can change it but we’ll see how to change those stuff later so for instance if you want a different article all you have to do is that go back there and just change the title so now you know how to do a title now the next thing is a section if you want to create a section for instance you will start with an introduction a section doesn’t need an end section because it’s not a begin section so it’s a section introduction and here I’ll just write something this is a sample introduction section this is a second line in the introduction and this is a third one that’s it that’s your section I will create another section I’ll call it motivation the motivation behind this tutorial is to share the knowledge for the benefit of everyone who wants to start using later ok I’m gonna save it and I’m gonna run it let’s see so here it is let me again bring it to the frame here a sample attack this is a title this is our section it is automatically numbered this is section two but you see there are no different lines it is just one paragraph although I put different lines here so for that if you want to add a new line you just add slash slash it’s a backslash and that will produce different lines good enough right yep ok so that’s a basic article if you want to change the font size let me make it 8 so that the difference is visible so you see it’s an 8 point font then you can change the page size also for instance here I can say a for paper or letter paper for that matter if you want to have a ladder paper so let me go ledger paper so the change the size and the dimensions of the the page can be changed from here if you want to do a bigger change you can also use a package called geometry for this so all use package statements if you want to use an external package and just mean you’ll you use a lot of external packages for your final version which is this is basics we don’t need many but I’ll introduce one package called geometry so if you want to control the margins you can specify that here for instance I can say 12mm so one inch is like 25.4 mm or something so based on that you cannot do it I say taupe equals to 0.5 inches so you can as well specified inches or millimeters the way you prefer it button equals to 5 inches and the package name is geometry let’s see if I made a mistake no I did it you see so the of the dimensions of the page and the margins have changed if I want to comment it I just put a % here and this is the original document good enough okay so we’ll start here and post your questions in the comments if you happen and I’ll try to answer them