"Are there common solutions that can help to avoid "Rarely downloaded file / File might be suspicious" antivirus alarms?" Have it present on many machines as possible (question is not programming -related). Heuristics change nearly daily and Avast has a notoriously high false-positive rate . Blocking file attachments that are most commonly used to spread viruses will help protect University computer systems and data. Should it be possible to use a whitelist to block all of the file types that can execute code on a Windows system?

So when you launch an EXE file, your system, even without your permission, will automatically run one or more tasks programmed into that executable file. Program installers are generally named setup.exe or install.exe, which when clicked, initiates the installation of the software. Installation file names vary according to the name of the program, but the file extensions are mostly the same.


You double-click on the file to open it, and the program is installed on your computer. The following list of file name extensions lists types of files identified by Microsoft as potentially containing dangerous programs. Many of these dangerous programs may modify or delete files on the system, or even erase the entire hard drive.

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Google Chrome, for example, is installed using a ChromeSetup.exe file downloaded from the Google Chrome website. Once the program is installed, the program can be launched using the Chrome.exe file found in the program’s installation folder. When you download a software or a program from the internet, you often get a file with an .exe extension.

"File prevalence/reputation is low" means Avast uses a reputation system based on the usage of the program. Only if your program has been installed and ‘marked as benevolent’ by enough users will it develop a good reputation and will this suggestion go away.

Note that if you are running the Windows 2000 operating system, you might have to install GDIPLUS.DLL if you don’t already have it. Anti Virus scanning is not just looking whether a specific executable is the exact copy of a known virus.

And seeing as Anti-Executable only whitelists a minority of those, it can’t be nearly as good at blocking unwanted code as the brochure and site make it out to be. Don’t forget .ZIP, .7Z, .RAR, .ISO, free vpn for mac and in fact just about any compressed file type. These can all contain small programs to become self extracting. This code can actually do anything the developer wants in addition to making a self extracting file. So essentially, when using Sandboxie with a program, any files it tries to write to the hard drive won’t be permanently written, and any registry entries it tries to create won’t be saved to the registry.

You can use Sandboxie for more than just checking potentially dangerous files too. For example, you can run a whole web browser Sandboxed, which means all of your private data used stored to the hard drive will be captured by the Sandbox and discarded when you throw it away.